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The Santa Rosa County Clerk of Circuit Court organization holds the following responsibilities: record keeping, information management and financial management in the judicial system and county government. The Clerk duty is to ensure that the court's orders, judgments and directives are carried out within the parameters allowed by law.

The Clerk of Santa Rosa County serves as a Accountant and auditor for the Board of County Commissioners, Collector and distributor of statutory assessments, Guardian of the public records, public funds, and public property, Maintains the court's records, Collects and disburses court ordered child support and alimony payments, Collects and disburses documentary stamp taxes and intangible taxes for the Department of Revenue, and Collects and disburses numerous fees and assessments for the benefit of State Trust Funds. In addition, the Clerk of Santa Rosa provides informational, financial, and statistical data to the State Legislature, Supreme Court, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Auditor General, Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, and other State agencies. The Clerk also issues marriage license and traffic violations.

Contact information

Santa Rosa County Clerk
P.O. Box 472
Milton , FL. 32572
Phone: (850) 983-1987


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